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Details for Visiting Teams

Tolleson Park Pool
3530 King Springs Road
Smyrna GA 30080
Phone: 770-431-2844 (This is the city number, not the Sharks)

Parking - We have a large parking lot surrounding the pool located off of King Springs Road (see address above and map below), and parking in this lot will be restricted as follows:

  • We will provide reserved parking for coordinators, coaches, officials and ASA officials, as needed. We ask that you provide a list of your coordinators and coaches that will need a spot so that our parking attendants will know to admit them to the main lot.
  • The remaining spots in the main lot will be available only for home and visiting volunteers that will be working the meet (first come, first serve basis) and any handicap people. We request that the visiting coordinator please send us a list of your volunteers in alphabetical order as we will have our parking volunteers checking names for admittance to the main lot.  These spaces are available to volunteers on a first come, first serve basis.  Once the main lot fills, all remaining cars will be directed to the other side of the park.
  • All others will be allowed to drop their swimmers and/or tents, chairs, etc, at the drop off circle just inside the entrance to the main lot (see the map below), and parking is available in a large overflow parking lot available on the other side of Tolleson Park, off of McCauley Road (one block west of King Springs Road). We will have parking volunteers directing traffic to the other side of the park. See the map below for further details on parking.
  • In addition to the overflow parking in Tolleson Park off of McCauley Drive, we have verified with Smyrna PD that street parking is legal along both Oakdale Drive and Starline Drive should parking in Tolleson Park be full. Parking along these streets should be limited to one side of the road, on the right side heading west (right to left below). Please do not block any driveways or fire hydrants.
  • No parking on the curb is allowed along King Springs Road and no parking is allowed along yellow or red painted curbs inside the park. Park rangers will ticket/tow cars parked illegally.

  • Visiting team can set up on the concessions side of the pool.  See the diagram below for main lot parking details and pool setup for meets.

Pertinent Information for Visiting Teams

  • 8 lane pool with racing-striped bottom and targeted ends
  • Diving well with a 1m and a 3m diving board; however, no swimmers are allowed in the diving well during a meet as we do not have a lifeguard on duty and/or dive practice may be in progress.
  • We use a SwimStart starting system, complete with electronic "beep,” microphone, and flash strobe.
  • We also have an electronic event board that will be displayed at a height of 12' which allows for easy viewing from all areas of the pool deck.
  • Our announcer will use the pool's public address system. In the event of any emergencies that may require an announcement (missing child, etc), please notify the Sharks Coordinator, and we will assist you in getting the announcement made!
  • Visiting Team can set up on the concessions side of the pool.

Diving Starts

  • Regular Season: All swimming events start from the ‘deep’ end of swimming pool. Standing dives, sit-dives and in-the-water-starts permitted from pool gutter at this end. Sit-dives or in-the-water-starts (no dives) are required at the shallow end of pool for 2nd and 4th legs of 100 yard relays.
  • GRPA District & State Meets: All swimming events start from the deep end of the swimming pool. Racing dives are permitted from Paragon starting blocks (29" above water surface). Standing dives, sit-dives or in-the-water-starts are also permitted from the pool gutter located at deep end of pool. Sit-dives or in-the-water-starts are required in the shallow end of the pool for 2nd and 4th legs of 100 yard relays (no diving allowed).

Facilities & Concessions

  • Large, concrete pool deck that allows both teams to station their swimmers on the deck and provides excellent viewing opportunities for parents & spectators. Be sure and bring your own chairs and/or tents. Visitors set up on the left side of the pool closest to concession area.
  • Life guards are on duty when swimmers are in the pool.
  • Full concession stand, generally with hamburgers, hot dogs, baked potatoes, pizza and a wide variety of other food, drinks, and snacks. We accept cash or credit for payment.
  • With 8 lanes, each team will need to provide 8 timers for each half of the meet (4 for each end of the pool). Please let our home coordinator know if you do not have enough volunteers for this.  The home team will provide the head/backup timer.
  • Home Scoring Lanes: 2 & 4 (Lane 2 for relays). Visiting Scoring Lanes: 1 & 3 (Lane 3 for relays).
  • Bottled water will be brought to volunteers several times throughout the meet.
  • Electrical power is provided at the scoring/results table.
    Both of our competitive teams have 150+ swimmers on their rosters and we expect to have at or near 120 swimmers (the maximum allowed) at each meet.
  • We can provide your team with the 7th and 8th place ribbons you might need. Please ask if we forget to offer them.

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