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Swim Meet 101

Note: all times listed below are typical times. Please read the Meet Details file for each meet (attached on the Meet Signup Calendar) to ensure you have the most accurate times for that meet.

Arrival Times, Away Meets

  • Swimmers: no later than 4:45 pm, warmups start at 5:00 pm sharp
  • Volunteer Coordinator and Bullpen Parents: no later than 4:15 pm
  • Timers, Place Judges and Other Volunteers: no later than 5:00 pm
  • Timer Meeting will be at 5:00 pm, approximately

Arrival Times, Home Meets

  • Setup and Parking Volunteers: 4:00 pm
  • Swimmers: no later than 4:15 pm, warmups start at 4:30 pm sharp
  • Volunteer Coordinator and Bullpen Parents: no later than 4:15 pm
  • Concessions Volunteers: 4:15 pm
  • Timers and Place Judges and Other Volunteers: no later than 5:00 pm
  • Timer Meeting will be at 5:00 pm, approximately

Check-In Procedures

  • Swimmers: check in at your bullpen with your Bullpen Parent
  • Volunteers: check in with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Bullpen Parents: after checking in with the Volunteer Coordinator, proceed to the bullpen area and get your clipboard and paperwork from the Lead Deck Manager.  As your swimmers arrive, check them in using the paperwork provided to you.  10 minutes prior to warmups, if you have swimmers that have not yet checked in, notify the Lead Deck Manager or the Team Coordinator, Kevin Lyon.
  • Timers, Place Judges: there will be a meeting with the referee, typically at 5:00 pm or soon thereafter.  At the conclusion of this meeting, check in with the Meet Coordinator to get your clipboard, stop watches, timing equipment, and place judge sheets.
  • Event Board Operator: for home meets, check in with the Meet Coordinator by 5:00 to get the event board remote and training, if needed. 


  • Parents, the proper procedure is to check your child in at their designated bullpen (look for the signs) with their bullpen parents when you arrive, after which your swimmer must remain in the bullpen. You may take your child to the bathroom or to grab a bite to eat; however, you must inform one of their bullpen parents where you will be and agree to have them back to their bullpen well in advance of their next event. We have bullpens for a reason (to ensure that our swimmers get to their proper events in a timely manner), and if a swimmer is missing, it causes undue stress and chaos for the bullpen parents and coaches. Only bullpen parents may remain in the bullpen area.
  • Parents may NOT stay in the bullpen area with their swimmers unless you are volunteering as a bullpen parent.
  • Marking your Swimmers, Event-Heat-Lane Grid – Please read the attached meet notes on the Meet Signup Calendar (posted each week for each meet) regarding your responsibility to mark your swimmers up with their Event-Heat-Lane grid. Our team is simply too big, and there is not enough time for your swimmers to be marked up by their bullpen parents. This is your responsibility. We can assist if you do not understand, but you must learn how to do this and have your swimmers marked up when they arrive at the meet. Also, please do not put sunscreen on your swimmers over the top of their event-heat-lane grids. We may have to make some revisions, and the sunscreen makes that very difficult. I suggest that you put their grid on the inside of one of their forearms, so sun exposure shouldn’t be a big issue. You may apply sunscreen to that area after the meet has started if you so desire.

Swimsuits and Caps

  • All sharks must wear the official team suit in order to compete in the meets this year. If your child comes to a meet without an official team suit, they will not be allowed to participate in the meet. There will be no exceptions to this rule outside of if your suit has been ordered but has not yet arrived.
  • ASA League rules do not prohibit high school or USA club caps; however, it is our team policy to require all swimmers that must wear a cap (all girls and boys with long hair) to wear the official Sharks team cap.
  • All girls and any boys with long hair MUST wear a swim cap during the meet

Meet Communications, Results, Heat Sheet

  • All meet communications for weather, volunteer issues and any other urgent issues will be via alerts through the Swimtopia app
  • With our new timing system, event results will be posted to the app upon completion of the event
  • You can also access the heat sheet on the mobile app
  • Download the app, sign in to your Swimtopia account and turn on push notifications in the settings.

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