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Swim Meet Volunteer Training

Parking Attendant

  • Arrive no later than 4:00 pm
  • Two volunteers will have a list of approved entrants to the main lot (see Kevin Lyon to get lists/clipboards), and those persons will be allowed into the lot. All other cars are allowed to drop their swimmers and gear at the drop-off circle, and they should be instructed to proceed to parking on the other side of Tolleson off of McCauley Road.
  • One volunteer will ensure that our reserved spots for our Sharks parents, team officials and coaches are used by the designated families and team reps only. You will have a list, and their will be signs to reserve those spots.
  • Once the main lot is full, direct all traffic to the backside of the park off of McCauley Road.

1st Half Volunteers (all positions)

  • Volunteers involved directly in the meet (timers, place judges, deck managers), should arrive no later than 5:00 pm and be in place by 5:15 pm for the start of the meet. All other volunteers start times are as instructed.

2nd Half Volunteers (all positions)

  • Should be in place and ready to take over from your 1st Half counterpart after the completion of event 46 (or as announced by the host team, if different)


  • Timers and place judges (1st and 2nd half volunteers) will attend a pre-meet meeting with the referee and coordinators at about 5:00 to 5:15 pm, during which you will receive instructions regarding the system of timing at that meet.
  • After or during the Ref meeting, 1st half volunteers will receive their clipboards, stop watches and Time Drops (or other equipment used by the host team)

Place Judges

  • Timers and place judges (1st and 2nd half volunteers) will attend a pre-meet meeting with the referee and coordinators at about 5:00 to 5:15 pm, during which you will receive instructions from the referee. Pick up your clipboard at the scoring tent at the conclusion of the meeting and proceed to your assigned position.
  • These volunteers, one from each team, will be positioned at the finish end of each race (either 25 yards or 50+ yards).
  • As swimmers finish, the place judges will each independently determine and record (on the provided place judge cards) the order of finish for each event/heat. 

Ribbon Workers

  • During the meet, ribbon labels will be printed. Ribbon workers will place the labels on the appropriate ribbons and sort/file them into the appropriate family folders by name.
  • Away Meets - same as above, but if any ribbons are not completed by the time we have to leave, we will finish the ribbons the next morning at practice.  Ribbon workers will start at 8:00 am on Wednesday mornings (or the day after the meet if the meet is not on Tuesday) at practice and work until all ribbons have been completed and filed in the family folders.  If you are unable to attend the morning practice, just let us know, and we will recruit some parents that are there.


  • At the start of the meet, come to the scoring tent and check in with the Team Coordinator.  Runners will collect place judge (from all place judges) and timer sheets (one from each lane) as each respective position gets to the end of their sheets. There are multiple events on each page of the timer and place judge sheets, so you will have to look at the sheets to figure out the appropriate events after which you should collect each.  Once you collect the sheets, you will deliver that information to the scoring/computer table.  If the other team also has a runner, you can coordinate/alternate with them.  

Bullpen Volunteer Instructions

  • The bullpen coordinators will have all of the bullpen paperwork and clipboards to distribute to the bullpen parents.  As you arrive, see the bullpen coordinators to get your paperwork.
  • Each bullpen will have a list of all swimmers in their age/gender group competing in the meet. Please check swimmers in as they arrive. If you have missing swimmers by the time warmups start, please let the lead deck manager, one of our coaches or the team coordinator know, and we will make calls, as needed.
  • Parents are not allowed to sit in bullpens. Please ask them to set up elsewhere. If they will not comply, please inform your team coordinator immediately.
  • If kids leave the bullpen, the parents must check them out with you directly, inform you exactly where they are sitting, and you are to instruct them when to return to the bullpen (i.e. if their next event is 50, they may need to be back by event 40 or 45, depending on the length of events before their next event). If they just need to go to the bathroom, this should not require parent checkout (exception 5-6 and 7-8 groups, use your judgement), just make sure the swimmer knows they are to return immediately to the bullpen area.
  • Please tell parents (if you see them and have a chance) that the kids are to remain in the bullpen during the meet. They can go to the restroom or be checked out for short periods to eat, but the procedure above should be followed. If you are having issues with certain parents, please let your team coordinator know.
  • Parents should have their kids marked up on arrival; however, if they do not, please assist your swimmers with getting marked up. If this becomes a parent and the parents are not learning to do this, please inform your team coordinator so that we can discuss with those parents.
  • Also, if pre-marked, please double check their grid against the official heat sheet.
  • As meet start time nears, bullpen parents should begin to line up their swimmers for the first set of events, lining them up by heat and lane. The lead deck manager will be assisting with calling athletes to line up with their teammates for their races. 


  • Help sell food and drinks in the concession stand.

Grill Master

  • The grill masters are responsible for manning the grill, cooking all of the burgers and hotdogs, as needed. This shift will start around 4:30 PM and end when all of the meat has been cooked and the grill has been cleaned up.

Grill Runner

  • The grill runners will take the finished, cooked items to the concessions areas and assist the grill masters, as needed.


  • This position will fill in during the designated shift as needed during the meet. Your shift could be anything from timing to the concession stand to the bullpen. Your help may be required the entire shift or part of the shift - it really just depends on the needs of the meet. Report to Volunteer Coordinators to sign in, then plan to be at the scoring table, or nearby, for the duration of your shift. Please bring your own chair to the scoring area as there may not be enough chairs.
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