Registration is now open to the public

    Registration for our 2023 swim season is now open to the public. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully so that you register your children appropriately. You may have heard our team fills up fast, so do not delay in signing up. 

    Note on City Fees: When registering, you have to declare whether or not you are a City of Smyrna resident. Everyone pays a city fee of $15, and non city residents pay an additional fee of $25. The city takes all the addresses from everyone on our team and runs them through their resident address list. I then receive a bill for residents and non residents. Our registration software will ask you to declare whether or not you are a city resident, and it will bill you according to how you answer. When you check out, you will see an additional approved fee that is grayed out in an amount equal to the non resident fee of $25 per swimmer. Even if you checked that you are a non resident that amount shows up grayed out. This grayed out amount is not being charged to you during checkout, it is only being approved for a future charge should we later determine that you are not a city resident when you declared that you are. We go into everyone of your accounts to verify city residency, as determined by the city. If you are a resident or a non resident and you correctly filled out registration we release the approved grayed out amount, and it will not be charged to your card. If you are a non resident but you declared you were a city resident, we then activate that approved fee, and you are automatically charged the non resident fee. Please note, you are not double charged. If you correctly declare as a non resident at registration, we will simply release that approved charge, and it will not be charged to your card. Only people who incorrectly filled out the resident status are billed that amount if they are in fact not city residents. 

    Registration Links: Below are the 3 registration links, and descriptions of each, that you are to choose from when signing up your child or children.

    • Rookie Registration- Only register your swimmer as a rookie if they meet either of the following criteria: 1) they are 4 years old, (this registration is the only one you can use for a 4yr old as 4 yr. old's may only be a rookie), or 2) you have a 5-8 year old that you are 100% sure will be a rookie all season (they will not have to do the assessment). If you are not sure if they are a rookie, then sign up your 5-8 year old on the Swim registration link below. They will be assessed and we will move them to the rookies if that is where they belong. This applies to returning rookies as well. All returning rookies will be assessed unless you signed them up on the Rookie Registration (again, you are 100% sure they will be a rookie, and they will not be assessed). See below if you have a rookie and a swimmer. To pass the assessment a swimmer age 5-8 must be able to swim one lap each of freestyle and backstroke unassisted to make the competitive team.

    Rookie Registration

    • Swim Registration (for the competitive team) - Any Swimmer aged 5-18. All new swimmers to our team ages 5-10 will be assessed to make sure they can swim a lap of freestyle and backstroke unassisted. 11 & up will not be assessed and will be placed on the team. If your 11 & up swimmer can not swim a lap of freestyle or backstroke unassisted, they should not sign up for the sharks. Please also note that we do not take 9 and 10 year old's in the rookies. 

    Swim Registration (and Swivers)

    • Dive Registration - You will use this link if you are signing up for dive team ONLY. If your child wants to be a Swiver (doing both swim and dive), use the swim registration link above, and there is an option within that form to add dive to their registration. Click on that to add the dive registration amount. The fees (league, technology, city ) will only be applied once.

    Dive Registration

    You have a rookie and one or more swimmers - If you have both rookies (as per our definition listed above) and swimmers you will sign them up separately on the appropriate form. You will register your rookie(s) on the Rookie Link, and you will register your swimmer(s) on the Swim Registration link. Fees will only apply once as necessary. 

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